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Below are a few of our latest posts discussing access control systems and other business security considerations.

fob access control system

Touchless Visitor Management: How Access Control Systems Can Help

In a world that is constantly becoming more and more high-tech, it is no surprise that businesses are continuously looking for ways to incorporate new technology into their operations. Touchless visitor management is one such innovation. This system also has the potential to make a positive impact on your business. What is – Touchless Visitor…

smart phone door entry

Limit Corona Virus Spread With Access Control Systems

Covid 19 has practically become part of our daily lives. This means that as we conduct our business both personal and professional we have to modify our behavior for the new normal. While we continue working towards limiting the points of physical contact, this is where an access control system can be part of the…

access control syuste,s

Access Control Systems for Small And Medium Businesses

As a business owner, security remains top of mind, and integrated into this is the access to various aspects of the business. This will also be part of ensuring that your employees and your property remain safe and protected. A key way to enhance your business is with the use of an access control system.…

what are biometric access control systems

What Are Biometric Access Control Systems?

What are biometric access control systems? It refers to the systems that use fingerprints, eye scans, voice recognition, and so on to deny or grant access to a physical location. One of the ways that these systems are used is in home security systems. They are used by families who want a convenient and quick…

business security systems

How Much Does A Business Security System Cost?

The right security system for your business will help protect employees, secure valuables and ensure peace of mind for your business. Your business needs to consider the best available option on the market to your unique situation. Considerations include: what should be included within the system hardware, the set-up cost, monthly recurring fees, the software…

card scan in

How To Track Employee Time And Attendance

As you run your business, it is important to ensure that you have as efficient an operation as possible. This also means managing your human resources. It is therefore important that any company also has a handle on employee attendance, and also their times of engagement. We provide access to a variety of Time and…

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