Access Control Systems for Small And Medium Businesses

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As a business owner, security remains top of mind, and integrated into this is the access to various aspects of the business. This will also be part of ensuring that your employees and your property remain safe and protected. A key way to enhance your business is with the use of an access control system. There are several key benefits even for the small and medium sized business.

What Is An Access Control System?

Wondering what access control systems are? This is a business solution, which enhances company security by regulating the access to the premises, and even access to specialized areas. The access control assists in redeploying the business resources efficiently. Physical man-power in managing door controls and other entries and exits can be repositioned to other more critical areas. This system is used in physical and also digital contexts and may be used passively or actively

Some Key Features

Each solution and system can be uniquely tailored to the business. It is important to consider some of the features which may be influential in what dirWection you go with your access control system. However it is important to sit with your access control solutions provider to see what features best suit your needs.

Reporting And Audit Trail

One of the features of the access control is that it keeps a data log and actively stores the information. For example, if there is a group of log cards in use which need to be analyzed, after having entered a particular door or section of the company, that report is immediately available. The audit trail also can give digitally, times and frequency of access to particular areas. Rather than have a handwritten document or persons at each point of entry or exit, the access control has this feature of audit. 

Scheduled Backups

One of the key things that can assist in the ease of operation is having scheduled backups. Along with this is the remote location of a mirror database. This assists in case of emergency should some issue arise on company premises, there is a backup. Data integrity is key. If for example there is a power outage on site, the access control when it comes back online can revert to the backup settings and continue a smooth operation. Therefore a person’s authorisation can still be authenticated. This saves loads of time.

Access Point Management

fob access control systemFor any quality access control system to be successful, it should also be capable of scheduling access points commands at specific events and times. Therefore if your business is a 24-hour operation, the evening or nighttime worker can still access the company with their key fob or tag. Meanwhile the regular public access can be restricted. Similarly, if an emergency arises and someone needs to gain access, this can be authorized remotely with little issue.

Three Key Benefits of Access Control System

Security Integration and Enhancing

An access control system can help keep your business safe from unauthorized persons. It will allow you to restrict access to specific areas of your business and track who is coming and going. This can assist in deterring crime and act to keep your employees safe. In addition, it can also help you to identify any potential security threats quickly. 

Should an emergency or security issue arise on site, the team knows immediately who is physically on property, their location. This lends to enabling routes to be taken if there is a need to evacuate.

Improved Efficiency

An access control system can help improve the efficiency of your business by allowing you to control who has access to certain areas, you can ensure that only authorized personnel can enter. In addition this also means a cost saving to the business as well, which is always good news. The amount of physical contact can also be streamlined particularly with the emergence of the global Covid-19 pandemic, without losing the control of access areas. 

Employee productivity is enhanced as well since the access control can assist in dispute resolution because of the audit trail reporting.

Enhanced Flexibility

An access control system can offer you simple flexibility regarding your business security needs. Part of this flexibility is the ability to expand the system as your business grows. If you start initially with door access and key tags, as time evolves you can then integrate access using smartphones and apps, or the use of QR codes. Along with this as the need for sophistication increases, so too can the system move towards facial recognition as part of the access system.

Getting In Control

In order to get started however, it is important to have a conversation with your expert access control system provider. Take a look at where you are, and where you need to be. This system can help keep your business operating effectively.