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What are Access Control Systems?

Access control systems generally feature two components; a security portal where credentials are validated, and access credentials. Credentials can come in the form of a numerical code, smart-phone app, fob, card, retinas, fingerprints, etc. When someone provides the required credentials to the security portal, they are then granted access to the controlled area by use of an electronically locking door, revolving door, gate, etc.

Why Do I need an Access Control System?

While not every business or facility does need access management, there are many benefits to having one in place and those include:

  • Safety - Ensuring that only the correct people on site will always improve safety. You never know a person's intentions and keeping your employees or clients safe should be a top priority.
  • Health - By managing access you can not only ensure that there's no unnecessary exposure, you can also restrict access to specific persons and keep an active record of who was on site to make for easier contact tracing. If you can be sure that specific employees were not exposed to others, you can avoid having your entire workforce becoming ill.
  • Theft - Most businesses have a significant amount of value stored in the equipment, computers, and other items on site. Knowing who's on-site allows you to hold people accountable and ensure that no one intentionally enters to pilfer your investments. There are a variety of security system options along with access control systems.
  • Security - Sometimes what you want to protect most isn't physical items, but intellectual property. It seems like a movie, but we've heard from our clients of competitors entering a facility to try and access computers, steel documents and even sift through the garbage. If you're in a competitive industry, any information lost can significantly damage your business and benefit your competition.

These systems aren't for everyone, but if you have a location with something of value or people you want to protect, it's worth considering. We'd recommend getting a free quote to find out how affordable an access control system for your business can be.

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