Biometric Access Control Systems

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What is a Biometric Access Control System?

Access control systems in general are comprised of three parts. A restricting lock or gate, a security portal that manages that restriction, and credentials. In the case of a biometric access control system, the credentials are 'biometric', or physically unique to an individual. This can include things such as retina scans, fingerprints or facial recognition. Facial recognition and fingerprint scans are by far the most commonly chosen option for these systems.

Why Choose Biometric?

Since you're considering these security options, keeping your business and people safe is obviously top of mind. While a traditional access control system using key cards, fob credentials, or smartphone access is a great step, one of the greatest weaknesses in any system is human error. With any of these alternative methods, people can lose their credentials or have them stolen. This is something that is very difficult to do with biometric access control (don't let the movies fool you).

What are the Benefits of a Biometric Access System?

Access control can make or break security measures and protocols. The level of comfort that you can have for your property is significantly influenced by the quality of your access system. It is therefore important that you have a chat with your preferred security provider to ascertain what works in your case and what is strategic for your property. Yes, the access can be used in small spaces like your shed or larger warehouse or office complex. The control and management of persons into and out of your building, especially today, is important.

Let's Take A Look At Your Advantages

Why should anyone want to have an Access Control System? The benefits of your access control can easily outweigh the cost. Once the system fits the needs of your property then you can be assured that your investment is worth it. Here is a comparison for ease of reference:

Manually - Without an Access Control

  • Each security door will need to be manned by someone
  • Verification of credential - some of time may be required to verify
  • Security Breach - Possible delay in identifying the area of breach
  • Response Mechanism - Delayed
  • Records and history of persons entering and exiting the building or control area
  • Keys - Possible unauthorized duplication and misuse, and or loss
  • Extensive use of human resource in operation

With An Access Control System

Access Point

The security of each point of entry can be automated. Therefore the need for any one person or set of persons to manage the point of entry is now eliminated. The access control can with the use of various hardware and software combinations go from the simplicity of a fingerprint, facial recognition, or other credentials, to provide door and access management.


The verification of credentials is now no longer manually verified. For example, as a person approaches a point of entry such as in a secure block on the property, the access system can match the credentials of the individual and time stamp as well. This happens almost immediately and determines if access is granted or denied. The verification details would be stored and backed up in order to secure an audit trail.

Easy Pin Point Identification And Response

With an effective access control in position, should a security breach occur at any time of the day or night, it can be quickly and easily identified. Almost immediate identification and this also works with a silent alarm as well. Along with this, if a door or window is left opened or unattended, the software can give an accurate date and time of occurrence. This, therefore, reduces the response time and also narrows any possible threat to the area. Additionally, measures can be put in place to secure the area a lot faster, saving time and money.

Easier Audit Trail

As persons enter and exit an area, the verification of the number of persons on site is significantly more accurate. Should an emergency arise for whatever reason, the respective location of persons can be easily determined, as the access control software can spit out a report on the movement of individuals across the property. Along with this, should there be any attempt to gain unauthorized access to any location this can be reported with precision. Additionally, the attempts by any unauthorized persons may even be thwarted just because they recognised that there is the use of an access control system.


It's easy to see the potential vulnerabilities of keys and with biometric credentials, the use of a physical key is eliminated. Therefore your chances of persons losing the key or duplicating them is now eliminated as well. However, with an access control system, each person has a unique identifier to gain access to whichever point while the control is maintained by the management or owner of the property.

Should there be a need to halt access to a specific area immediately this can be done electronically and the access suspended for persons until the all-clear is given.

Bonus Advantage

The use and position of your human resources are deployed for better use. There is no need for persons to physically man an access point. In fact it is because of the software that one person can manage and monitor significantly more points and positions and can do so remotely as well. This by extension means that you can even have a designated security company provider manage your access points for you. Doing so will allow you to focus more on your key strengths, and getting on with your primary focus.

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