How Much Does A Business Security System Cost?

business security systems

The right security system for your business will help protect employees, secure valuables and ensure peace of mind for your business. Your business needs to consider the best available option on the market to your unique situation.

Considerations include: what should be included within the system hardware, the set-up cost, monthly recurring fees, the software and even the software upgrades will impact your bottom line. Further to this, consider if you and your team will be monitoring and managing the security in-house or outsourced to a reputable entity.

We’ve listed a few more things for consideration:

  • Do you need security for items and specific areas only?
  • Is it a system with the need for access points for staff and visitors?
  • Will the system need added ability for other assets such as fire systems?
  • How about remote location monitoring, control and response?
  • Are there priority areas that require a specific type of security as compared to other areas of the business?
  • What is the business plan, is there expansion soon or in the medium term?

These are but a few of the things you will need to consider in the decision-making process. To aid in the decision-making, it is useful to consider what features are available and if they are also applicable to your business. The professional service provider should be able to guide your team on this, as then they can give a business-specific price that meets your needs.

System Integrations

When considering the system integration with access control – then there is the smart lock functionality along with the monitoring of access points. It is important then to think through the number of security access points required, and the types of access. How will persons access these points? This then leads to the need for passes or tags or even key fobs and the relative quantities. As you do this, be sure to budget for replacement costs for lost or stolen passes or tags. The budgetary costs will also need to get to specifics such as wall or card readers and the access control keypads too and their respective quantities.

Other factors impacting your budgetary cost or your business security system are things such as – intrusion detection alarms and monitoring, as well as motion sensors. They not only protect those that are authorized but also act to protect your business if there is any suspicious or accidental activity occurring. Maybe someone forgot a window or door open or unattended. Protocols will need to be set in place for when specific conditions arise to trigger your security system. This also means that as dynamics change so too will your system requirements.


Your pricing will be reflective of:

  • The number of door locks, key pads, finger scans, mobile  and card
  • Location and type of cameras used
  • Motion sensors, Glass break sensors
  • Intrusion Alarms
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Security panels


Integration of software, e.g door control software, with a back-end computer. Many security access points are connected to the business’ IP Network – Which allows you to update your preferences and view real-time activity and reports. Will the access control system need to integrate with other back-end systems? For example, integration with employee time and attendance systems.

Monthly Service Contracts

If ongoing professional monitoring services are now engaged, these services can be tailored to suit your business needs. If there is in-house security then the external professional may act as a back-up to the in-house staff. However, if there are limited staff resources then you can outsource to your professional monitors and have frequent reports and strategic updates and recommendations at industry standards. Naturally based on which package is chosen the budgetary pricing would be reflective.

Integrating an alarm monitoring team whether part of your security detail or that of a contractor will also impact your cost. It is important to reach out to a professional service provider indicating the extent of your request for security.