Door Access Control Systems

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What is a Door Access Control System?

A door access system is a digital form of security ensuring that only authorized access to the room or space takes place. Choosing the right type of access management system can benefit you and your property in several ways. Additionally, as you consult your preferred supplier it becomes easier what is the best way to meet your needs. Whether it be an office or school, apartment or warehouse the critical area of door entrances and exits immediately comes to the fore.

This type of security will also:

  • Ensure that any unauthorized personnel is restricted
  • Add efficiency to your operation as the traditional lock and key form is eliminated
  • Have a more modern approach to access such as the convenience of entry cards, key fobs and even mobile barcodes

In today's need for improved security and also to enhance efficiency, the door access system remains an important part. The door readers control and determine who will have access to enter the building or secured area. The use of various access cards or even the keyfobs are preprogrammed with a person’s credentials. Other types of door access make wider use of unique biometric features and this can be your face or fingerprint. This eliminates any errors in duplication or keys being lost or stolen. This also makes better use of human resources, since the entire process is automated.

Types of Door Access Security Systems

These types of readers tend to make use of a radio frequency. With this type of access system, the door reader sends a broadcast signal out to the key tag or card. This happens when it is passed in close proximity to the door reader. The energized tag or card credential responds by sending back a signal to the access control reader. The encoded signal contains the identification as programmed, which allows access. The door reader then sends a response whether to unlock the door or not, based on the card authorization.

Traditional Credentials

While technology is evolving, the most common types of credentials used for door access systems still remain keycards, numerical codes, and fobs. These tried and true methods are cost-effective and simple to implement.

Smart Technology Door Readers

Some of the more modern door readers are seen as smart devices that connect to the overall network. These devices hold a unique ID code for all of the persons who would have been assigned authorized access to the system. The reader may have a controller function built-in and matches the unique ID to its database. If acceptable the door is unlocked by the reader and controller. Therefore the reader controls the lock on the door, and may even be harnessed to indicate if the door is opened, all using various sensors.

An added benefit here is that this local storage still works should a network issue arise. Business can still continue as usual, just some form of backup power is needed as the smart technology door readers can be powered over ethernet (PoE).

Add The Smartphone

The wide use of smartphones can also make it easy. Some of the modern door access readers can read a unique code as provided by your smartphone. It is here that an app running on your smartphone can connect via bluetooth to the door access reader. The reader verifies the credentials of the app and determines then if access is granted. This all happens within a near field proximity.

Biometric Door Access

Some areas may be a bit more sensitive and may need more stringent measures for access. As such the door access system can be programmed with biometric readers, which adds precision and enhanced security details. These types of door access readers can be from fingerprint to facial recognition readers. The level of sophistication can include finger-vein, and even eye recognition details. Ideally a chat with your respective security provider can determine how extensive you can tailor your door access system.

Additional Considerations

It is imperative that you have a detailed chat and walk through with your security team and service provider. This helps to determine the best solution for your needs. There are of course various types of door access hardware and also systems management software. You will need to work though if you want to have control either onsite, offsite in a remote location, or even both. Other specs may be that your security team can act as a measure to monitor the system and its integrity via smartphone as well. This helps in case a door is for example opened too long or if there is a security breach, to have a quick response as well as to quickly determine the person who has accessed a specific door.

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