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Why Do I need an Access Control System?

Maybe you’ve heard of the term access control, but still a bit unsure as to what this means. A very broad definition of this is that your access control system lets you manage who enters your business, as well as what areas they are allowed to go and even where someone can either enter or exit any designated areas. Previously this was a manual process, such as having a receptionist and a sign-in paper. 

However, today this has been replaced with the ease of technology. So much so, that there is the use of secure and reliable systems which employ the use of door readers, cameras, smartphones and apps as well as biometric devices and keypads.

With so many moving parts in your business, it is wise to have some system in place to take care of access and its management, so that you can focus on your core business. In order to get started it is ideal to have a chat with your expert access control security team. This is useful in order to gain the best insight as to what works and what is most suitable.


As a security feature, the access control system can also lend to the effective use of resources. This works where if you have a team member who needs to access one location from Monday to Friday only, the system will ensure that no access by that individual is granted outside of the designated times. Maybe there is a vendor that needs to deliver during specific times, or an employee has been promoted. This can all be done by managing the level of access via the software and can be done immediately and even remotely as well.

There may also be times where an employee may have to exit the company and maybe on some not-so-good terms. The access control system reduces the employee’s risk of negatively impacting the company. Management can restrict access with immediacy.

Accurate Reporting

As you operate your business you know that there will be times that an audit trail comes in handy. It is important to have an overview of all activity happening in your business such that you can see areas of weakness and strength. With an access control system, a report can be generated almost immediately for analysis. 

Report in real time on who is where, and at what specific time they may have accessed a particular location in the company, for example a high security area. The business owner will also need to know as well as who is coming and going within the business. The access control can highlight those heavy traffic areas and even areas that may need a bit more security. This all assists with the business’ risk analysis.

Multi-Site Management

If you have more than one site or business location in operation, managing access to each one can be done a bit easier. This can even include managing access to specific secure locations within each site. How? It can be done from one central position, and in real time. For example, let's say that you implement a card access system. The authorization credentials just need to be done once. Whenever that person travels from site to site, the card will work at each site as well and can grant the specific access for whatever doors and areas that are predefined for that individual.  

This also eliminates having to cut keys and manage keys for each site, and also reduces the risk of persons taking advantage of this loophole.

Which System is Right for Me?

This will depend on your business needs for the present and also the near future. With the right solution, the access control system puts people at the forefront, and acts to reduce time, eliminate waiting in long lines, and still manage to keep everyone secure. The customer experience can be enhanced and the efficiency of running the business happens like clockwork.

As a business, you can consider the integration of:

  • Keypads
  • Swipe Cards
  • Non-Contact Proximity Access
  • Biometric Access
  • Smartphone Scan & Apps

These are just a few of the possible options to complete your access control solution, for your business. Whatever your needs are, we recommend requesting a free no-obligation quote and speaking with a security system specialist. These helpful experts will be able to answer any questions you may have.

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