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What are the Benefits of Time & Attendance Systems?


Efficiency means that it can be used in companies where many staff are working on a long term basis. This also holds true for those with 24-hour operations and a shift system in place. If the company is using access control systems, the managers can divide their space into areas, each with its own set of codes and users.

Less management time

Managers need to spend less time staying on top of employees. Since they can quickly identify who is working and who isn’t, they don’t have to keep track of employees throughout the day. Simply engage the system - generate the report and analyze.

More information

Managers can keep track of their employees better since they know what their staff is doing at any given time of the day. They also have access to more information that allows them to determine areas that might need some more workers or which areas are overworked. This then mean effective reposition of human resources.

More security

Managers can track their staff better and keep an eye on what they are doing. Since employees are not free to enter and leave whenever they want, unless they pass through the access point. This therefore means that if there is a breach in the compound or a security threat or hazard, the management team knows who is on site and who needs assistance.

These are just a few of the benefits of having an access control system to lend to a more efficient operation within your company.

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