Touchless Visitor Management: How Access Control Systems Can Help

fob access control system
In a world that is constantly becoming more and more high-tech, it is no surprise that businesses are continuously looking for ways to incorporate new technology into their operations. Touchless visitor management is one such innovation. This system also has the potential to make a positive impact on your business.

What is – Touchless Visitor Management

Rather than using the traditional sign-in book, a touchless visitor management system makes use of technology and input devices to manage visitors and employees, and their ability to access key areas. Therefore if there is the need for a specific individual to be in a restricted area, a scan of their uniquely issued badge can enable or restrict access. This scan may be done by near field technology, or even with the use of QR-codes with the smartphone camera. This also ensures the safety of each person.

How Does It Work?

There is nothing to touch, and there is also reduced person-to-person interaction. The access control system takes care of validating, or registration, based on criteria. The admin team creates a custom check-in-flow and access, based on visitor profile or employee credentials. Once the individual checks in, there is instant feedback indicating time of access. Simultaneously there can be the requirement for persons to review and even digitally sign your non-disclosures and health and safety and any other policies. 

Therefore you can manage your operation effectively with:

  • Digital Sign-up or Sign-in
  • Screening questions with alerts
  • Contact Tracing Applicability
  • Evacuation Management
  • Digital Identification

What About The Cost?

There is no access control system of any significant repute that can be found to be of no cost. Additionally this solution is built on the benefits and savings which will be made to the owner. In the first instance the human resource is much more efficiently deployed. Naturally there would be a need to consider the number of entry points, the hardware and even the software.

Be mindful that you can even consider integrating your access control system with an existing solution. Therefore cost is tailored to suit your specific need.

Benefits of Touchless Visitor Management – Access Control Systems? 

Increased Security

One of the most important benefits of using a touchless visitor management system, is the enhanced security that it can provide. With the traditional methods of access and sign-in there may be significant weak points for unauthorized entry. The amount of time to detect a breach will be shorter, practically immediate, in an access control system as compared to the traditional method. 

Faster Check-in

Touchless visitor management systems can help to speed up the check-in process. Rather than filling out paperwork or searching for a badge, visitors can use their mobile or even iris scan to be quickly and easily checked. 


One of the main benefits of touchless visitor management is that it can help to increase safety in your workplace. Using an electronic system, you can track visitors and ensure they are authorized to be on your premises. This can help to deter criminals from gaining access to your property. Conversely if there is an emergency evacuation procedure, then you know precisely who is on site, and where they are in the location. 

With the prevalence of Covid-19 the amount of contact is reduced. Therefore you enhance employee and visitor safety.


Touchless visitor management systems are also very convenient for both businesses and visitors. Visitors can scan their IDs or use their mobile device to gain access. This eliminates the need to fill out paperwork considered tedious. And companies can use the data from the system to track trends and patterns in visitor behavior. It also lends to helping the environment.


Another benefit of touchless visitor management is that it can help you stay compliant with government regulations. Using an electronic system, you can ensure that all visitors are properly registered and that their information is updated. This can help you avoid fines or other penalties from any regulatory agencies. It is also in line with COVID-19 safety guidelines. 

Virtual Receptionist

You can also use touchless visitor management systems to create a virtual receptionist. By setting up an automated system, you can greet visitors and provide them with information about your business.. It can help to save you money on staffing costs, and reduce human error.