What are Access Control Systems?

card scan inWhat are access control systems? An access control system (ACS) records information about people, devices, and actions as they occur in a facility or area. It can be used to check whether someone entering an area or using a resource has the authorization to do so.

The modern access control system is also used to provide critical information helpful in making decisions regarding access to resources. This documentation is pertinent in providing information about the identity of people who have accessed facilities or areas in the past. For example, for training purposes or even auditing purposes.

What do they do?

ACS controls access to areas and resources in both public and private facilities. Broad examples of this would be seen in hospitals, schools, airports, shopping malls, gas stations, offices and several other places.

ACS can be used for many reasons, such as:

  • To determine whether someone has the right to enter a building or a room
  • Determining whether someone has the right to use a particular resource such as a computer or some form of equipment
  • Identifying and tracking people’s activities while they are in an area or on a resource. For example, if you leave your property in an empty room at the office while checking on other stuff, you will want to know that it has been properly secured.
  • To assist in managing any chaos or confusion in shifts of persons coming and going at odd hours
  • Access which is also be set to be time-specific , whether for specific groups of workers and teams, say for example in 24-hour operations, such as call centres.

How does the access control system work?

Access control systems are composed of several components, including:

A central security system

This is a computer that controls access to a facility or area. It is connected to cameras, readers, and other devices throughout the facility or area. This also means that the efficiency of human resources is enhanced. This becomes important since persons deployed physically in an area can be repositioned in another that may be of better use.

Access control readers

These devices can pick up on credentials in the form of fobs, key cards, passcodes, biometric, or more. They can be placed at doorways, walls, desks, and tables throughout the facility or area. This has the benefit of reducing the deployment of keys and or their unauthorized duplication.

Access control software

This is computer software that stores information about people who enter an area or use a resource, such as a date and time they entered; their identity; their actions in the area, such as whether they used computers; if they were carrying anything dangerous such as a weapon; what rooms they were in; etc.

The central security system can also send alerts if it detects unusual activity within an area or when someone leaves a room where there was no activity.

An Important Tool

An access control system is an important tool that can be used to manage and control access in specific terms, and under specific conditions, once met. The error of human element is also reduced significantly. Greater control to sensitive areas on property and their resource access is effectively and accurately recorded. This system can help make sure people have the right to enter an area or use a resource. It can also help track people’s activities in a room or on a resource. Further to this, access control systems may even be outsourced to a professional company of your choice, thereby freeing up your own time to better use.

This type of system provides the convenience for the safety and security of your property and its contents within your full control.

If you’re interested in an access control system for your business, request access control system pricing here.