What are Door Access Control Systems?

access control systemWe are in a technological age where every little thing is being taken care of by computers or smartphones. Door access control systems refer to security methods to control access to buildings or other spaces. It is generally installed on multiple entrances and uses credentials such as a card or fob to grant access.


To grant authorized access to restricted areas

This is one of the uses of a door access control system. It is used to regulate entry into certain areas and restrict access to other areas. For example; an office may only allow entry into their main office by the use of their door access control system. But they may not want people to enter their storage area from the main office and this is where the door access control system comes in handy. The storage area will be coded to prevent people from entering it from the main office.

To restrict access to unauthorized individuals

The door access control system is used to restrict access to irregular or unauthorized individuals. Mostly, the door access control system is used by the government or corporate offices. In some cases, the door access control system may require an individual to undergo a background check before allowing them access to restricted areas.

To give authorized individuals entry only during certain hours

Certain hours of the day can be restricted from entering certain areas or premises. This is to control when employees, visitors, and contractors enter during specific times. It will allow only specific individuals to enter during a certain time and no unauthorized person will be allowed access.

To provide building security.

The door access control system is used to provide security when the security of the building is threatened. For example; during a break-in, the burglar can easily gain access and roam around the facility by gaining access through an open door. The door will automatically lock as soon as an unauthorized person tries to enter an area or leaves it.

What are the Available Options?

Magnetic Access Cards

card scan inThese are similar to a card you might get to access a hotel room door. They grant people access when they enter a building or a facility but then, it can also restrict entry during certain hours of the day.

Use of Biometrics

It identifies people through their fingerprints, handprints, or iris recognition.

Remote control

This technology uses a remote control that can activate the door locks from a distance. It’s more commonly found in vehicle access control such as gates or garage doors.

Dial lock

It uses an electronic combination of a keypad and a locking system to gain access.


The key will have a code that is used to gain access. The codes are only available to authorized users.

Why use a door access control system?


The door access control system is convenient as it can be used to grant and restrict access at the same time. It saves time as you will only have to carry one card or code with you.


The door access control system ensures that you have a safe environment by allowing only authorized people to enter and leave the facility or area that is restricted. For example, the storage area can be coded so that it will not allow anyone who is not authorized access to safeguard its contents from theft or damage.

Installs quickly

The door access cards will be installed within a matter of seconds and provide immediate access to those who need urgent help. It is convenient because you can use the same card throughout your entire property and provide it to visitors and visitors’ friends.

Single-door vs. Multi-Door Access Control

Single-Door Access Control System

A single door access control system is installed with a computerized lock or an electronic keypad combination lock. This type of door access control system can be used to grant or restrict entry into restricted areas and also open only one door at a time.

Multi-Door Access Control System

A multi-door access control system may have a combination padlock holder that is used to grant entry into restricted areas but it can also be used to restrict entry into other areas as well.

A door access control system is crucial in most instances to ensure the security of your commercial building. It is convenient to grant someone entry and restrict it at the same time. It can be used in an office building, government facility, or any other organization where there are restrictions on certain areas and premises.

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